Difference in women’s beauty standards across countries

8 Sep, 2020 | Ray Jacobs | No Comments

Difference in women’s beauty standards across countries

Difference in womens beauty standards

Maybe in your country, you are considered to be less charming, but in other countries, you can be an extremely attractive girl!

In addition to the sharp and modern beauty created by the makeup, many people still worship natural beauty, that is, without cutlery and as little makeup as possible.

Although there are so many beautiful women in this world, each country has different standards or definitions of women’s beauty. They all have different aesthetic standards.

If you wake up one beautiful day, you feel inferiority complex because your appearance is less beautiful, then stop being sad. Because sometimes you are a “standard” beauty in a certain country in the world that you do not even know about it. Let’s find out, what is the standard of women’s beauty in each country to know the diversity of the world and the standards of other countries!

1.     Australia

In Australia, a lady called “natural beauty” must have a face with smooth skin, no pimples, look fresh, full of vitality and gentle curly hair. The girls here often have a wild and seductive beauty.

2. Korea

In Korea, what is called “natural beauty” is all about skin! To them, skin will say everything and you have to have healthy, radiant skin, always moisturized from deep within.

3. France

For the French, the girls here do not tend to make up when going out. They use only one coat of cream and lotions to keep the skin soft. In terms of hair, French women prefer trim styles that aren’t styled often. But only “armpit hair”, they will keep the same, not even remove it.

4. Sweden

Swedish ladies focus on smooth natural hair, long lashes and smooth skin. They love makeup but only in very gentle tones.

5. Japan

Elegant and youthful, Japanese women always make the atmosphere so fresh because of their cuteness. To Japanese, crooked teeth can make women look younger, more adorable and more graceful.

6. North America

In North American countries, girls with oversized breasts are often said to be very sexy. This trend started with Ms. Kim Kardashian.

7. Brazil

With a typical tropical climate, Brazilian women prefer healthy beauty with honey-colored skin, curly hair and facial makeup, but not too bold.

8. Guinea

Women in Guinea often beautify and increase their sexy with keloids on the body. These scars are usually given to men when they receive a certain dignity, whereas, for women, these “tattoos” are seen as an expression of beauty.

9. Middle East

For the Middle East, “the eyes are the window to the soul”. So they pay great attention to maintenance and how to respect the beauty of their eyes. Especially the Saudis, because most women wear veils and only show their eyes. Therefore, eye make up is extremely important.