Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles For Women – Can Not Miss 2020

15 Oct, 2020 | Ray Jacobs | No Comments

Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles For Women – Can Not Miss 2020

Choosing a beautiful and suitable hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to increase your appeal. For more interesting suggestions, please follow our share about beautiful and popular female hairstyles in the year 2020.

What is a beautiful hairstyle?

The concept of beauty has no limits. However, to put it simply, beautiful hairstyle is the right hairstyle for you. And it must help you increase your self confidence. A beautiful hairstyle must not be too special or too attractive. Just simple but sometimes becomes the most powerful weapon of any woman.

Trend of beautiful hairstyles 2020

1. Youngful Bob’s hair

With shoulder length, youthful Bob hair is the first choice of personality girls. Don’t worry that this hairstyle is difficult to style. There are a ton of different variations possible thanks to this hairstyle. Curl or straighten depending on the preferences and trends of each person.


Bob hair always makes the face much younger. When combined with “playful” outfits, your aura is not a simple matter.

2. Short straight hair

Have you ever thought that you would have super short and straight hair? Not right? Actually, many girls dare to try this hairstyle. However, many people have proven that this hair helps us to score perfectly. Neat but unique. The hair on the shoulder blades is straightened and the bangs are a great combination.

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3. Short slightly wavy hair

This hairstyle with curls neatly curled from the hair shaft down the ends of the hair. Although not easy to style or take care of. But owning a curly hairstyle will help the look elegant, much younger. This beautiful hairstyle is also suitable for many different faces and ages.

Short, curly hair has also become a lot of choice for young mothers. It is neat but still very attractive and suitable for many different situations. Besides, remember to dye your hair with the right colors to stand out.

4. Short ruffled curly hair

Short, curly hair is one of the beautiful hairstyles. Although a bit fussy about faces, but very clearly bold personal style. This hairstyle is especially suited to light color hair dyes. So, if you want to be different and outstanding, you can try this hairstyle right away!

Dyeing your hair with light color is the key to this beautiful hairstyle.

5. Short hair slightly curled on top

Short hair curled on top will give you a youthful look but still chic and attractive. Short hairstyles with slight curls always prove its status and have many options to refresh themselves.

This beautiful hairstyle is favored by many women

6. Medium length straightened hair

The medium length straightened hair is favored by women because of many outstanding advantages. Curls of hair are naturally straightened, easy to style and care for. Straightened hair is not that hard as you image. It will be more gentle if you want it. Besides, dyeing you hair with favourite color help to embellish your personality.

Personality and dynamism are the hallmarks of this beautiful hairstyle.

7. Medium length flipped end

Short, curly hair is one of the beautiful hairstyles that many girls love because of its simplicity as well as fit trend. The feature of this hairstyle is that the curls are curled on top. Different from fully curly hair, hair curled at top create a simpler and more clean feel. If you have a round, square or oval face, it’s fine. Note to add a bit of color to your hair for a more attractive look.

A little dye for more personality

8. Medium length hair curled up at the end

By 2020, short hair curls promises to become one of the most popular beautiful hairstyles. Because this hairstyle has never reduced the hotness in the past. The ponytail is curled inward, embracing the face, making the balance more harmonious. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle is a very effective solution. With this hairstyle, you can choose to have thin bangs or long bangs, depending on personal interest.

The short hair with slightly curled at the end for a youthful appearance

9. Medium length curly hair sew in

Curls with a dense frequency will be a bit picky about face and character. This hairstyle is intended for girls who love novelty and personality. Don’t worry if you think this hairstyle makes you look old. However, it is necessary to take good care of them. Because if the hair is “tangled” unfortunately, it is a bit miserable. But anyway, it’s great to try and break a little, right?

One of the most popular hairstyles in 2020 – curly hair sew in

10. Medium length puffy hair

Short, puffy hair is very popular in recent times. This beautiful hairstyle is suitable for many different ages as well as styles. Owning this hairstyle you can combine many fashion styles as well as makeup styles. However, short, curly hair requires meticulous care and care. This is very important to the volume of the hair. Besides, you can dye bright colors to add youthfulness. Or not, the deep colors are also very attractive.

How much more attractive is short, curly hair?